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National Mechanics 22 South 3rd St. Philadelphia PA 19106

Flash! A Quick History of Photography in Motion

Monday Jul 9 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Artists, scientists, and dreamers have tried for centuries to seize fleeting moments too fast for the human eye and brain to perceive. Then along came photography.

Though the first photographic processes were slow, ingenious photographers were soon capturing events never before recorded: a horse’s gallop, a bullet’s path through the air, a wave crashing on the shore, a meteor’s track across the night sky, and much more. Join us for a swift flight through the remarkable story of photography in motion, from its earliest days to today’s advanced digital techniques.

Art historian Jane E. Boyd, Ph.D., is an independent curator and freelance writer, editor, and translator in Philadelphia. She specializes in the history and visual culture of science, technology, and medicine. Dr. Boyd has worked on projects for all five of the Science on Tap sponsoring institutions. Visit her website at for more information and links.

This month's Science on Tap is presented by the Museum of the American Philosophical Society.

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