Academy Scientists Step into New BEES Role

June 20, 2012

Dr. David Velinsky working in a salt marsh

Starting this fall, Academy scientists will put their research and education expertise to a new use. As faculty of Drexel’s new Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science, they will teach students who enroll in a variety of exciting new environmental science classes. This unique academic affiliation with Drexel gives students the opportunity to work alongside of and to learn from some of the world’s leading scientists. Students also have access to the Academy’s extensive natural science collections and community outreach programs.

Dr. David Velinsky, the Academy’s vice president of environmental research, is head of the BEES department. “Our motto is experiential learning early and often,” says Velinsky.

Freshmen entering Drexel’s environmental science major in fall 2012 will be the first to have the opportunity to conduct research both locally and globally with Academy scientists, as well as with Drexel faculty. Students will be exposed to a wide range of Academy expertise including experts in the field of: phycology (Dr. Don F. Charles), vertebrate zoology (Dr. Ted Daeschler), entomology (Drs. Jon Gelhaus and Daniel Otte), fisheries (Dr. Richard Horwitz), diatoms (Dr. Marina Potapova), botany (Drs. Tatyana Livshultz and Richard McCourt), ichthyology (Dr. John G. Lundberg), systems ecology (Dr. Jerry V. Mead), wetland ecology (Dr. Tracy Quirk), and malacology (Dr. Gary Rosenberg).

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