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  • Tiktaalik roseae
    Tiktaalik roseae demonstrates the evolutionary transition from finned to limbed animals.
    Credit: Ted Daeschler/ANSP
  • Ted Daeschler
    Ted Daeschler, associate curator for vertebrate biology at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, in Nunavut, Canada.
    Credit: Josh Miller
  • Tiktaalik field site. Photo by Ted Daeschler
    Tiktaalik fossil site in Nunavut, Canadian Arctic
    Credit: Ted Daeschler/ANSP
  • kids with dino puppet By Mike Servedio/ANS
    Tracy the Triceratops, inhabited by extreme puppeteer Matt Brady, will perform throughout the day May 9 at the Jurassic Park Movie Marathon & Dinosaur Dance Party at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
  • dino puppet and T. rex By Mike Servedio/ANS
  • kids and dad dig for fossils. Photo by Will Klein/ANS
    Budding paleontologists dig for fossils at Paleopalooza. The annual festival takes place Feb. 14 and 15.
    Photo: Will Klein/ANS
  • Toothy fossil and visitors. Photo by Will Klein/ANS
    Examining real fossils up close is part of the fun at Paleopalooza, Feb. 14 and 15.
    Photo: Will Klein/ANS
  • educator with vulture
    All-Star Days, Dec. 27-30, features close encounters with the Academy’s live animals.
    Credit: ANSP
  • two adults, wine and diorama
    The Academy’s first-ever Adult Overnight will take place Saturday, March 7, 2015.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANSP
  • kids and dinosaur by Will Klein
    There’s always more to discover when it comes to dinosaurs. Dinosaur Days at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Nov. 28–30.
    Credit: Will Klein
  • boy with giant clam shell
    Ocean Fest Featuring the Philadelphia Shell Show means hands on fun for the whole family, Oct. 18 and 19.
    Credit: ANSP
  • Shell Show
    Amazing shells from around the world can be seen at the Philadelphia Shell Show and Festival.
    Credit: Conrad Erb
  • Shell Show
    Visitors can take a behind-the-scenes tour to see the Academy’s world-renowned shell collection at the Philadelphia Shell Show and Festival
    Credit: ANSP
  • Shell Show
    Hands-on activities for children at the Philadelphia Shell Show and Festival
    Credit: ANSP

Free Museum Visits

  • educator shows bug to kids
    Andrea Robinson engages school children with a live Madagascar hissing cockroach.
    Credit: Michael Servedio
  • Cuisine from the Collections
    Cuisine From the Collections features foods inspired by the Academy’s specimen collections.
    Credit: ANSP

Live Animal Shows

  • Examine a barn owl up close
    Credit: ANSP

  • Touch a live turtle and learn about its habitat.
    Credit: Nic D'Amico

  • Get up close to giant insects.
    Credit: Michael Long

  • Collecting insects during Academy Explorers Camp.
    Credit: Hollie Barattolo/ANSP

Audubon Page Turning

Hollie Powers Holt, a John James Audubon researcher from of Wayne, Pa., carefully turns a page of The Birds of America at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

Safari Overnight

  • Safari Overnight .
    Credit: Katie O. Clark/ANSP

  • Safari Overnight.
    Credit: Katie O. Clark/ANSP

  • Safari Overnight.
    Credit: ANSP

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

  • A behind-the-scenes group tour features close-up access to the Academy’s world-renowned collections like these insect specimens.
    Credit: Conrad Erb

Mega-Bad Movie Night

  • Mega-Bad Movie Night offers all kinds of entertainment, including Academy Malacology Collection Manager Paul Callomon dressing the part of a movie character and offering commentary on an entertaining sci fi flick.
    Credit: ANSP

Hands-on Learning

  • A close-up look at a fish specimen from the Academy’s world-renowned Ichthyology Collection
    Credit: Brandon Zimmerman

  • Hands-on science is fun for both adults and kids
    Credit: ANSP

  • Credit: Kelly & Massa Photography
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