200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 54: “Corresponding with Japan ”

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photo of two scientific journals
Two issues of Acta Phytotaxomica et Geobotanica: The one on the left (Volume 1, number 2) dates from 1940. The one on the right (Volume 61, number 3) is the most recent issue in the Ewell Sale Stewart Library & Archives.

Corresponding with Japan

Eds. Note: The syntax and spelling of the quotation are from the original document.

In verifying that the Academy’s serial publication exchange agreements are up-to-date, a staff member from the Ewell Sale Stewart Library & Archives came across a file for an agreement with The Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo, Japan. According to the file, an exchange agreement between the two institutions was established on September 7, 1938. The most interesting document in the file is a letter dated May 20, 1948, which reads, “…we earnestly wish to revive our correspondences and cooperations you which have been, much to our regret, suspended by the force of terrible war for so many long years of isolation…” signed “Yours very truely, M. Tagawa, Librarian of the Phytogeographical Society.”

This exchange agreement has indeed been resumed. Both institutions are still grateful to be exchanging each other’s publications to this day.

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