200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 7: “From Field Guides to Apps ”

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photo of BirdsEye app for the iPhone
The BirdsEye app

From Field Guides to Apps

Does your favorite birding app have ties to the Academy? Continuing our rich history of supporting taxonomic bird research and the creation of iconic field guides, the Academy has contributed content for BirdsEye, a new birding app for iPhone® and iPod Touch®. The application was developed by Birds in the Hand, LLC, of Virginia. The app combines Academy images with bird sounds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and text from acclaimed birder and author Kenn Kaufman. Use this app to locate and get directions to a particular bird and access lists of birds in your area. The app provides images and accompanying sounds for the 470 most frequently observed birds in North America; more content is available for several hundred other species.

Can’t get enough birds? We invite you to join us in the Academy’s Ewell Sale Stewart Library and Archives on weekdays at 3:15 pm for a spectacular page turning of John James Audubon's historic The Birds of America.

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