200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 9: “Volunteer Award for Future Scientists ”

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Volunteer Award for Future Scientists

The Cheryl Beth Silverman Award has allowed 60 interns to enhance the Academy’s children’s science museum, Outside In, through exhibits, activities, and leadership. Academy supporters Art and Carol Silverman set up a trust in memory of their daughter, Cheryl Beth, which funds intern-proposed projects created in support of Outside In. The opportunity is geared toward young people who share Cheryl Beth’s passion for the environmental sciences. For 21 years, the internship has empowered Outside In interns to help others discover the natural world.

Do you have small children? Bring them to the Academy's Outside In for a magical trip to the great outdoors. Visit a forest, a mountain pond, or an ocean shore. Touch a real meteorite, view a stream from underneath, crawl through a fallen log, look for fossil footprints, pan for shark teeth, watch a live beehive, read a book, and meet some of our live animals!

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