200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 95: “Packing for an Expedition ”

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photo of backpack and shipping crates
Dr. Nate Rice's expedition backpack (left) is now in the Academy's Archives. Harold T. Green stands next to expedition shipping crates (right). Ewell Sale Stewart Library & Archives Coll. no. 2010-004

Packing for an Expedition

Expedition containers are an integral part of any scientific expedition. Considering the equipment they carry, the food they transport into the field, and the specimens that fill them for the return, these containers are critical to the success of any expedition. This was as true for Academy Exhibits Director Harold T. Green in the 1930s as it is for ornithologist Dr. Nate Rice today.

In the photo above, Green surrounds himself with a number of hand-worked wooden crates, one of which is in the Academy Archives today. Nate also thought "archivally" when he donated his well-worn backpack to the Academy Archives, where it is now part of the "realia" that complement the documentary records. Nate used this pack on 10 expeditions for the Academy since 2003. Fortunately, Nate laundered and froze his pack to kill any pests before his donation, which we can only hope was the case with Harold Green. Who knows—a peek inside either may still yield an unexpected find!

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