200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 4: “Searching for Bird Flu ”

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photo of expedition
Dr. Nate Rice (left) wades along a stream in a remote corner of Vietnam.

Searching for Bird Flu

Ornithology Collection Manager Dr. Nate Rice traveled to northern Vietnam last spring to survey wild bird populations in the Mung Nhe Nature Reserve. From March 13 through April 18, Nate's team of researchers from the Academy and the University of Kansas studied bird populations in the area with the primary goal of sampling wild bird populations for emerging diseases such as avian influenza.

Because scientists don’t know much about bird life in northern Vietnam, Nate's team conducted research on species common in the region and their habitats. The team discovered some species never recorded in Vietnam, uncovered new regional records, and studied the behavior of poorly known species. They also gathered specimens and tissue samples for analysis.

To learn more about Ornithology at the Academy and to stay up-to-date on research, visit the Ornithology Department at ansp.org.

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