200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 161: “Taking Care of our Planet ”

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1970 ad for the first Earth Dat at the Academy
The 1970 Frontiers ad for the April 22  “Environmental Teach-In.”

Taking Care of our Planet

It was a plain, half-page ad in the March 1970 issue of Frontiers, the Academy’s natural history magazine (published from 1936–1983). Advertised was an “Environmental Teach-In” at the Academy, which offered a meeting place for people concerned about the growing issues of the time—pollution and the environment. None of the Academy scientists slated to speak at the event knew how many people might show up.

“It was packed—we really had a lot of people here,” says Clyde Goulden, director of the Academy’s Asia Center and a speaker at that first event, before it was officially known as Earth Day.

The brochure, pictured above, listed seven Academy scientists and their lecture topics, including water and air pollution, habitat loss, ecological planning, and some of the very first tips on ways to “go green.”

This year, the Academy will celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day with Academy Earth Day at the Philadelphia Science Festival. You can talk with Academy scientists about their environmental and ecosystem research and learn how you can help to preserve natural resources. Throughout the year, the Academy provides a place to discuss important environmental issues. Through our Town Square series, our Urban Sustainability Forum, and our Center for Environmental Policy, the Academy continues to build public awareness about environmental topics.

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