200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 192: “The Academy Goes Greener ”

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The Academy Goes Greener

It’s no secret that the Academy has a strong commitment to environmental research, protection, and promoting environmental awareness, but did you know that we are working to reduce our carbon footprint in our everyday operations? Thanks in part to Green-e certified renewable energy certificates donated by GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA, the Academy began to offset its energy use with renewable energy back in 2010. Today, the Academy’s commitment to sustainability continues to be translated into renewable energy use, with 100 percent of the museum’s annual electricity usage Green-e certified. In recognition of the Academy’s sustainability efforts and commitment to green energy, the Academy received a Penn Future Green Power Award in 2011.

Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) represent the environmental “attributes” of electricity generated from wind, solar, or other Green-e certified renewable power facilities. These attributes, which include the tons of greenhouse gas that were avoided by generating electricity from renewable resources rather than fuels such as coal, nuclear, oil, or gas, are one of two parts of renewable electricity generation (the other part is the actual electricity or electrical energy produced by a renewable generator). The renewable attributes are sold separately as RECs, which are then used by organizations such as the Academy to reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions and to help support the operation and development of domestic sources of cleaner, renewable energy.

Even though the Academy may be the nation’s oldest natural history museum, it is at the vanguard of environmental protection and research! Read more about the Academy’s environmental education programs and visit the websites of the Center for Environmental Policy and the Patrick Center for Environmental Research to learn about the Academy’s environmental efforts.

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