200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 142: “The Himalayan Monal ”

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Himalayan monul (Lophophorus impeyanus) specimen

The Himalayan Monal

A winged Academy specimen is in the spotlight in today’s Three Weeks Behind the Scenes photograph. The Academy maintains an ornithological collection of nearly 200,000 study skins and 15,000 tissue samples. Specimens in the collection predate the 1812 founding of the Academy and include important early bird collections from Alexander Wilson, John James Audubon, and John Gould. The Academy’s Ornithology Department is actively adding specimens at a rate of 1,000 specimens per year. This Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus impeyanus) was acquired from the Philadelphia Zoo around 1930.

Calling all bird lovers—the month of June is for the birds! Mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10, to meet our ornithologists, participate in activities, and learn more about the Academy’s Ornithology Collection.

Photography: Cora Rivera.

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