200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 46: “When the Academy was founded in 1812… ”

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map of the North America in 1812
Map of North America from the 1818 American edition of Pinkerton’s Modern Atlas

When the Academy was founded in 1812…

The Academy of Natural Sciences was founded in 1812. At the time, Philadelphia had a population of about 60,000, a tiny number compared to our current population of 1.5 million. Philadelphia was a cosmopolitan, egalitarian, and democratic city on the brink of all kinds of discovery. Known as the “Athens of America,” it was a center for artists and scientists alike.

Louisiana had become the eighteenth state of the country, which was being led by President James Madison. Future author of On the Origin of the Species, Charles Darwin, was toddling around his parents' garden in England, while former President Thomas Jefferson was discussing his belief that mastodons were roaming the western plains of the country. The United States declared war on Great Britain, a war which lasted more than two years and would go down in history as the War of 1812.

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