Kids Club Members’ Guide

Eddie, the Academy mascot

As a member of the Kids Club, you can explore the museum in a whole new way. Here are some of the fun things you can do as a Kids Club member.

Decorate your member card

Write your name on the back of your card and decorate it however you like!

Collect stamps by exploring the museum

Join Eddie at the Academy to earn stamps and win a prize! There are 12 spaces on your member card for collecting stamps. Each month, Eddie will have a new Kids Club activity for you to complete around the museum. You can pick up instructions for the month’s activity at the Admissions Desk or by scrolling down. Remember, there will be a new activity and stamp each month, so be sure to stop in often to explore the museum! Collect eight stamps, and take your Kids Club card to the Academy Shop for a cool prize.

Celebrate your birthday with Kids Club

Be on the lookout for a special surprise to be delivered to you during your birthday month!

Show off your smarts on the “Just for Kids” page of Academy Frontiers

Play games, color, and learn fun facts about nature in this special section of our member magazine. You can even ask our scientists questions about the natural world! Download the October Kid's Club Activity Sheet.

Email your question to, and the answer might be included in our next issue of Academy Frontiers or on our Kids Club Web page.

Receive letters and fun activities from Eddie

Eddie will mail you letters throughout the year with updates, stories, and even some special activities.

We’re so glad you joined us. Let the fun begin!

Coming up in the Kids Club

Stamp Activity of the Month: October 2014

Activity #1: There are three dioramas that depict scenes of fall. How do you think these animals prepare for winter?


Activity #2: Photosynthesis is the chemical reaction that helps plants use sunlight to make sugars for their food. When the leaves turn from green to brown in the fall, how do you think this affects trees’ ability to create food?

Next, get your stamp. Visit our friendly staff at either of the Visitor Services Desks and tell them what you saw! They will give you your October stamp to add to your stamp card.

Do you have eight stamps yet? If you do, it’s time to collect your prize! Bring your membership card to the Academy Shop.

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