All-Star Days

December 27–30, 2016

Spend your winter break with us! Warm up in Butterflies!, spend some time with our live animals, and visit the roaring, moving dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Unearthed. Celebrate what makes the Academy great with exciting new stage shows, fascinating fossils, hands-on science, and special specimens from our collections.

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All-Star Days 2016

Tuesday, December 27: Bugs and Butterflies Day

Experience up-close encounters with beetles, cockroaches, and tarantulas as you discover what makes a bug’s life extra special. If the weather outside is frightful, come warm up in the Butterflies! exhibit.

Wednesday, December 28: Dinosaurs Unearthed Day

Come face-to-face with fossils, meet living relatives of these ancient beasts, and explore the world of the dinosaurs all day at the Academy. For added adventure, purchase tickets to see Dinosaurs Unearthed and enjoy roaring, moving dinosaurs that bring the past to life.

Thursday, December 29: Fur, Feathers, and Scales Day

The live animals of the Academy take center stage on a day all about amazing animals. See firsthand how we take care of our live animals, and learn from the stars of our dioramas.

Friday, December 30: Weird-Things-In-Jars Day

Science is surprising, inspiring, and sometimes downright weird. Get an up-close look at some of the Academy’s stranger specimens, and learn how scientists preserve them in jars and other ways for future research.

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