Dino-mite Winter

December 27–30, 2017

dinosaur hall t rex

Spend your winter break with us! Warm up in Butterflies!, spend some time with our live animals, and visit our special Tiny Titans exhibit. Celebrate what makes the Academy great with exciting new stage shows, fascinating fossils, hands-on science, and special specimens from our collections.

Free for members or with general museum admission.

Dino-mite Winter Activities:

  • Hot and Cold: Education station featuring real Academy specimens (including weird things in jars!) as well as plenty of touchable education specimens and knowledgeable scientists to meet
  • Winter-themed animal craft
  • Special Tiny Titans dinosaur Make-and-Take, free with your wristband to the exhibit
  • Cold-Blooded Creatures: Live Reptile Cart, featuring our awesome live animal collection up close
  • Auditorium Show: Animal All-Stars of the Academy (11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.)
  • Auditorium Show: Bugs on the Big Screen (1 p.m.)

More 2017 details coming soon!



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