Weekends in February 2017


Hop on over to our pad for a whole month of ribbiting weekend programming! February becomes “Froguary” at the Academy as we celebrate our new exhibit, Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, featuring dozens of beautiful live frogs in gorgeous habitats. Learn all about awesome amphibians at interactive education stations, see real specimens, join us for special story times with Marty the Moose and a cast of colorful characters, and take home your own fun froggy craft. Check out live frogs of many hues, search for hidden frogs, create a nighttime frog chorus, and conduct a virtual frog dissection in the special exhibit. Weekend activities are free with admission or a membership, but an extra ticket is required for the Frogs exhibit. Not a member? Join Today. See you in Froguary!


Froguary Weekends: 

  • February 4–5, 2017
  • February 11–12, 2017
  • February 18–20, 2017
  • February 25–26, 2017
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