Cuisine from the Collections: Chocolate Edition at the Academy of Natural of Sciences of Drexel University

Cuisine from the Collections 

Cuisine from the Collections is the Academy’s annual event featuring food and drink inspired by the 18 million specimens in the Academy’s scientific collections. On Saturday, November 8, we celebrated the Academy’s special exhibit, Chocolate: The Exhibition. Guests enjoyed a wide variety of foods, including game sliders, frog legs, and chocolate fondue. Academy scientists displayed scientific specimens and discussed what exactly was on the plates.

This year, patron guests enjoyed a chocolate-themed VIP reception ahead of the main event. Nearly 300 guests helped to support the Academy’s ongoing work, from mission-critical programs of research and education to collections care, exhibits, and administration. Huge thanks to the committee for their outreach and support!

If you have any questions, please call 215-405-1542 or email

See photos from the 2014 event:

Photo slideshow not playing below? Click here to view the photos on Flickr.


Elizabeth Bales and Michael Dell'Angelo, Co-Chairs 
Leanne and Rob McMenamin, Co-Chairs

2014 Cuisine from the Collections Committee
Beth Overley Adamson
Bill and Liz Andersen
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer and Hugh Anderson
Pierce and Cindy Archer
Mary and Peter Austen
John and Jane Bales
Rick and Mary Kay Bergan
Christine and Wade Berrettini
Alice and Christian Bullitt
Todd and Anna Cassidy
Nancy Cleveland
Emily and Matt Clifton
Putnam and Amy Coes
Wendy and Paolo Costa
Woody and Carolyn Cullen
Ted and Emily Daeschler
Bob Davis and Tara Theune Davis
Caroline and Peter Ernst
Jennifer and Jamie Farnham
Louis and Dodie Farrelly
Tranda Fischelis
Anne and David Ford
Jennifer and Christopher Franklin
Jason and Katy Friedland
Stephanie Fuller
Rod and Pam Gagne
Pooh and George Gephart
Bonnie Grant
Vivian and Mark Greenberg
Sandy and Tim Greenwood
Jane and Paul Heintz
Tessa Hooper
Francie Ingersoll and Matt Taylor
Ray and Dorothy Ix
Hugh and Sarah Johnson
Blair Kindlick
Karl and Michelle Kreitsch
Sally and Joe Layden
Page Leidy
Michelle Lordi and Mac Osterneck
Tricia and Scott Mackay
Mark Mattson and Jean-Claire Fitschen
Steve Maurer
Martha and Wistar Morris
Keely and Joe Morrissey
Patrick Oates and Evelyn Sample-Oates
Colby and Matt Paul
Liz and Philip Pearson
Susan and Bob Peck
Stephanie and Serge Pepper
Ned and Kathy Putnam
Ann and Frank Reed
Brian and Jennifer Merves Robbins
Barry and Betsy Rorer
Charles Rose and Mindy Goldberg-Rose
Tim and Holly Shoup
Ivy Silver and Steven Leshner
Judith Soltz and Richard Belas
Pete and Debby Utsinger
Liz and Brian Vanderwaag
Avie and Susan Wheeler
Miles and Dana Wilson
Caryl Wolf

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