Working with Museum Visitors

 volunteer and three young visitors in Dinosaur Hall

If you enjoy interacting with the public, especially children, volunteering on the museum floor may be the perfect fit.

Once you are accepted to become a volunteer in these areas, you will be asked to complete background checks before you can begin volunteering.

Internships (unpaid) are also available for college students or recent grads interested in Museum Education in most of these areas.

Museum Galleries Education Volunteer

Volunteers serve as informal interpreters in the public spaces of the museum to educate guests of all ages about exhibits and natural science topics using hands-on activities. Volunteers may take on all or some of the following roles:

  • Special Exhibits Gallery Guide for upcoming traveling exhibits. Exhibit topics range from dinosaurs and tarantulas to frogs, crocodiles, and your own backyard environment.
  • Cart of Curiosity Interpreter
  • Invertebrate Cart Live Specimen Interpreter (optional, requiring extra training)
  • Live Animal Floor Presenter (optional for qualified volunteers 18 and older)

Science Now Volunteers

Volunteers serve as informal interpreters at Science Now in the museum in order to educate guests of all ages about weather-related current events, new scientific discoveries, and ongoing scientific research at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Volunteers will be responsible for disseminating information related to daily topics and for engaging with the public through the use of hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Butterflies! Volunteer

Volunteers serve as informal guides in this enchanting tropical garden of flowering plants, where a hundred or more live butterflies from various parts of the world fly freely. Volunteers are key in helping visitors enjoy and learn about the variety of very colorful butterflies in this garden within our museum.

Dinosaur Hall Volunteer

Volunteers share their enthusiasm and knowledge with visitors in Dinosaur Hall and help children turn into junior paleontologists in The Big Dig. Volunteers also train to prepare fossils in our Fossil Prep lab.

Outside In

This children's discovery center was created in 1979 to provide hands-on activities for museum visitors. The exhibit combines live animals, artifacts, and activities that invite exploration and involvement of the senses. As a volunteer, you are trained to facilitate learning experiences and encourage exploration by the museum's youngest visitors.

Summer Academy Explorers Camp Volunteer

Volunteers are needed in limited numbers to assist with our Summer Academy Explorers Camp program. This camp provides an educational summer experience for campers at the Academy through week-long programs during July and August. Children age 6 to 12 will participate in hands-on, themed programs that reflect the research of the Academy’s scientists. Themes explored include water, animals, fossils, nature, and insects. Volunteers engage campers in informal, hands-on activities (arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, and free play) both in the museum and on weekly field trips throughout the Delaware Valley. Minimum age: 15

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