Research Assistants

volunteer couple working in Malacology

Collections and Systematics Research

Volunteers have an exceptional opportunity to assist scientists in caring for the vast research collections of the Academy. The departments where volunteers have been active include: Botany, Diatom Herbarium, Entomology, Ichthyology, Malacology, Ornithology, and Vertebrate Zoology. These collections include 18 million specimens from around the world, including thousands of types, the specimens used as standards to describe the entire species. Depending upon your skills and interests, you can assist in a variety of tasks critical to the effective use of the collections—everything from cleaning and labeling to cataloging, sorting, and inventory. 

Patrick Center for Environmental Research

Research scientists in the Patrick Center for Environmental Research examine aquatic ecosystems and their plant and animal populations, as well as water pollution, toxicology, and the human and chemical impact on water systems. Openings in this area are extremely rare, but volunteers with a strong grounding in environmentalscience and an interest in environmental conservation are welcome to contact us to explore possibilities.

Co-op Opportunities for Drexel University students

We offer a number of paid and unpaid co-op positions in our research departments and collections (and in Museum Education). Be sure to check these out if you are interested in applying for an Academy co-op.

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