Dr. Nate Rice
Collection Manager

215-299-1182 (fax)

Nate’s primary responsibility is to the care and maintenance of the ornithology collection. He also conducts research investigating the evolutionary biology of various neotropical bird groups. His ongoing research interests focus on the systematic relationships of ground antbirds (Formicariidae) and their relatives. Recent publications include: Antbird paraphyly, Nesting of Myrmornis torquata, Phylogeny of "Antipitta" Formicariidae, and Phylogeny of Aphelocoma ecological niche differentiation.

Nate has field and collecting experience throughout the United States as well as parts of Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America. Current fieldwork has focused on enhancing the Academy’s series of Australian bird specimens. Much of this work is being done in collaboration with the Australian National Wildlife Collection. The addition of eastern North American specimens into the collection is mainly done through salvage work of birds killed in collisions with buildings or washed up on shore during tropical storms.