Research Seminars

The Academy host a series of scientific seminars throughout the year sponsored by the Academy’s chapter of Sigma Xi. These technical seminars are intended for scientists and college-level students. Guests from other research and higher education institutions and organizations are encouraged to attend.

Those interested in presenting their research at the Academy should contact Makiri Sei at 

These seminars are typically held during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. All seminars are held at 12 noon in the Academy’s Darwin Room unless otherwise noted.

Winter/Spring 2016

January 8
John Wehmiller, University of Delaware
“Amino Acids in Quaternary Mollusks, US Atlantic Coastal Plain – What They Tell Us about Stratigraphy, Geologic Ages, Taxonomy and Paleo-temperature“
January 29
Mark Sabaj, ANS
“An Eschatological Look at the Rio Xingu’s Big Bend: Volta Grande”
February 12
Tuya Goulden & Betsy Paine with WINS students, ANS
“Cultural Repercussions of climate Change in Two Communities: A Teenage Viewpoint”
February 26
Tom Radzio, Drexel University
"Behavior and Short-term Survival of Captive-reared Yearling Gopher Tortoises Following Hard Release back into Nature"
March 4 (takes place in BEES Classroom)
Dan Shain, Rutgers University
“The Saga of Icelandic Rotifera (from Glacier Ice to Thermal Hot Springs)”
March 25
Lincoln Rehm, Drexel University
"The Giant Clams of Palau”
April 8
Aaron Ellison, Harvard Forest
“New Approaches for Quantifying Biodiversity in Variable and Changing Environments: Lessons from Ants”
May 6
David Robinson, USDA
“The USDA Response to an Invasive Pest Snail: the Giant African Snail in Miami, Florida”