Research Seminars

The Academy host a series of scientific seminars throughout the year sponsored by the Academy’s chapter of Sigma Xi. These technical seminars are intended for scientists and college-level students. Guests from other research and higher education institutions and organizations are encouraged to attend.

Those interested in presenting their research at the Academy should contact Makiri Sei at 

These seminars are typically held during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. All seminars are held at 12 noon in the Academy’s Darwin Room unless otherwise noted.

Winter/Spring 2017

January 13
Thomas Belton, Patrick Center of Ecological Research, ANS
“What Lies Beneath – Barnegat Bay”
January 27
Walter Yerk, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, Drexel University
“Of Drops and Leaves: a Quest for Rainfall Interception by Urban Vegetation”
February 10
Stefanie Kroll, Patrick Center of Ecological Research, ANS
“Baseline Community Types and Setting Targets for Ecosystem Improvement in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative”
February 24
Therese Catanach, Department of Ornithology, ANS
“Defining Genera of Hitchhiking Lice Based on the Classification of their Avian Hosts: What Does Phylogenetic History Tell Us?”
March 16 (Thursday)
Ernesto Vaca and Fausto Rodriguez, Galápagos National Park Service
“A Discussion with Senior Galápagos Naturalist Guides Ernesto Vaca and Fausto Rodrigez”
March 17
Benoit Dayrat, Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University
"Why Is Taxonomy So Slow?"
April 7
Josie Iselin
"An Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed"
April 14
Amy Savage, Department of Biology, Rutgers University
“Diversity, Resilience & Nutritional Ecology of Urban Arthropods”
April 28
Nina Desianti, BEES, Drexel University
“Interactions Between Duckweeds and Their Diatom Epiphytes”
May 12
Lauren Sallan, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania
“Winners and Losers in Mass Extinction”
May 26
Olofron Plume, School of Integrative Plant Science, Plant Biology Section, Cornell University
“Diversity and Evolution of Secondary Chemistry in Calendula L. (Compositae)”
June 2
Alain Maasri, ANS/Drexel BEES