Fossil Prep Lab

volunteer uses a dremel tool to prepare a dinosaur fossil

If you want to see paleontology in action, check out the Academy's Fossil Prep Lab. You can watch as our staff, volunteers, and other skilled workers prepare fossils for study by scientists from other research institutions. In the photo to the left, for example, you can witness preparator Jean Caton working on a vertebra (backbone) of an Apatosaurus for the Carnegie Museum.

Fossil Prep Lab staff often work closely with research paleontologists. For instance, Jason Poole, the manager of the Fossil Prep Lab, is currently working with Dr. Ken Lacovara of Drexel University on a new dinosaur from Argentina.

The Fossil Prep Lab is located in the back of Dinosaur Hall on the Main Floor, behind the staircase. Watch our staff work, and if you want, ask them questions. They will be glad to answer.

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