Backyard Adventures

June 9–September 10, 2017

backyard adventures

Leap into a garden of wonders, where you can experience the magic of a special backyard world. As you ride the bee bike, collect nectar, check out a food web pond, copy critter calls, and even dress up like living creatures, you’ll uncover surprising details about how organisms live and interact in their environments. You can even become a mechanic or engineer by learning the feats of construction that go into building a shed, solving the paver puzzle, and playing garden mini-golf. Figure out how to turn your own garden into a mini-exhibit—you’ll discover more science in your backyard than you’ll ever imagine!

Backyard Adventures is designed and produced by SciTech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.

Backyard Adventures Member Preview

Thursday, June 8, 5:30—9 p.m.

Registration opening soon! 

backyard adventures 

More about Backyard Adventures

Backyards and parks are full of science! You will learn about:

  • The biological interactions between plants and insects
  • The know-how that goes into growing giant vegetables
  • The mathematical genius needed to lay pavers
  • The feats of construction that can go on in the garden shed
  • And so much more!

backyard adventures

What is there to do in Backyard Adventures?

Did you know that science is in everything and everyone can be a scientist? Get the facts and exercise your imagination as you explore the biodiversity of a backyard garden. Figure out how to see the unseen and take a closer look at the world around you. You can:

  • Play backyard-themed mini golf
  • Dig in the dirt of an augmented reality garden bed
  • Find out how fast you can throw and kick a ball
  • Dress as a spider, bee, or ladybug
  • Take a walk through our digital garden and observe plants growing in super time
  • Create the world’s biggest vegetable
  • Using special lenses, see how different creatures such as bees and dogs see the world around us
  • Step inside the shed and build something with the tools and objects on the work benches
  • Help complete a garden path using oddly shaped pavers
  • Try your luck at pollinating flowers and collecting pollen for honey production
  • Match critter calls with their sources

Backyard Adventures is $5 for nonmembers in addition to general admission and $3 for individual and family members. Family plus members and above see it free. Tickets will be available for purchase soon! Check back for updates on Backyard Adventures opening weekend, June 9-10, 2017.

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