Glow: Living Lights

Glow: Living Lights

June 1-September 22, 2013

A living organism’s ability to produce its own light is one of the most incredible, yet least understood, phenomena in nature. A new exhibit opening this spring at the Academy promises to illuminate this intriguing subject.

Glow: Living Lights takes you on a journey through land and sea in pursuit of creatures with the incredible ability to produce their own light. Fireflies, glow worms, and rarely seen alien-looking creatures from the middle ocean are just a few of the animals lighting up the dark through a mysterious process called bioluminescence. Dramatic video, live organisms, rare preserved specimens, models, and hands-on activities will enlighten and engage families. Kids can even don firefly and sea creature costumes and pretend to be their favorite glowing animals.

You will begin your journey in a darkened gallery filled with rare photographs, film footage of bioluminescent creatures, preserved specimens, and engaging activities. As you travel through the exhibit, you will begin to understand that bioluminescence is a chemical process that differs from other forms of light, some of which also will be on display.

You will see:

  • live swimming dinoflagellates (single-celled organisms) that light up at the touch of a button 
  • details about how researchers are using natural light-producing abilities to detect harmful bacteria and even the presence of deadly anthrax spores 
  • live emperor scorpions and desert hairy scorpions that glow under ultraviolet light 
  • and much more!

Glow: Living Lights, is supported by Aqua America, Inc. and produced by Exhibit IQ. The exhibit is free with regular museum admission.

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