Adult Programs

Adult Overnight

Overnight for Adults

Pack a sleeping bag, put on your pj’s, and leave the kids at home—this overnight is for adults only! » More
Academy Outreach Event

Outreaches for Adults

Academy on the Go for adults brings the excitement of a museum visit—complete with real dinosaur fossils, specimens, live animals, and expert naturalists—right to you. » More
Science on Tap

Science on Tap

Science on Tap is a monthly science café in Philadelphia for anyone who is interested in getting together with other people to discuss a range of engaging science topics. » More
mega-bad movie night

Mega-Bad Movie Night

Mega-Bad Movie Night presents remarkably bad movies enlivened with expert commentary. Think Mystery Science Theatre 3000. » More
members of the Philadephia Botany Club on a field trip

Outside Clubs and Societies

The Academy has a long association with local clubs and societies interested in the natural world. All of the groups presented here welcome you, whether you're an amateur, a student, or a professional. » More
paleontologist Jack Horner gives a talk at the Academy

Lectures and Talks

Hear distinguished lecturers, scientists, artists, and authors discuss topics ranging from natural history and science to wildlife art and conservation. » More

Tapping our Watershed

Tapping our Watershed is a monthly science café in Philadelphia that brings lovers of water science together for conversations with top experts in the field. » More
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